About Us

Growth Idea Lab is a leading turnaround company with proven expertise in providing quality solutions for revival of sick MSME units. Our wide range of services are created, designed and executed on the specific organizational needs of the individual/enterprise. The services are phased into 3 stages: Crisis, Stabilization and Growth phase, followed with viability for Value Unlocking or clearly defined exit route. As part of revival we are publishing a book, “The unexplored gold mine”, it deals with revival strategies about sick MSME units.

Vision A world-class financial analytics platform to facilitate SMEs in understanding their full potential for better decision making.
Mission To develop a technological platform to analyze financial statements along with predictive analysis, risk assessment and facilitate value unlocking.
Objectives To create a tool that helps SME Entrepreneurs to analyze deep into their own financial statements and take better decisions.

Core Values

Communication Regular and frequent reporting of status or problems raised during the course of action of a project helps in course of action to be taken. Any vital information should be discussed within office timings.
Punctuality To value time and efficiency.
Discipline To follow companies guidelines strictly.
Employee Commitment To value people, their development and reward them for their performance.
Innovation To incorporate ideas, innovation and transform organisation to face modern challenges in sick MSMEs.
Teamwork We work together for the company, to meet the needs of our customers.
Humility Listening, valuing and considering everyone’s viewpoint.
Reliability To go hand in hand with entrepreneur till he achieves growth.

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