About SME Analytics: The fact that most of the entrepreneurs do not know the information that balance sheet contains has led to the idea of starting SME Analytics. SME Analytics is a Fin-tech Startup that has developed a simple to use platform for Analyzing Financial Statements (Balance sheet and Profit Loss Statements) and provides recommendations for improving operational efficiency and thereby improving business as a whole.

The average age of SME’s in India is 8 years. We expect SME Analytics to improve the lifetime to 10 years and thereby saving around 1 cr jobs.

Free Services: As part of our free services we analyze your financial statements and provide 47 ratios that indicate how well the business is doing, compare them with industry standards and provide recommendations.

Premium Services: Premium Services include predictive analysis, risk management, linking CMA data with balance sheet. We also help in value unlocking.

Note: We do not need any information regarding the company except the data in the balance sheet and Profit loss statement s for analyzing.

Please send us your balance sheets at: smeanalyticsfinancial@gmail.com

Vision Statement

“World class financial analytics platform to facilitate SMEs in understanding their full potential for better decision making.”

Mission Statement

“To develop a technological platform to analyse financial statements along with predictive analysis, risk assessment & facilitate  value unlocking.”