News Letter MSME Pulse- Sept issue

News Letter

MSME Pulse- Sept issue
From the above report, it seems NPA in MSME sector has slightly reduced. But it does not state, whether this reduction is because of recovery (one-time settlement, or DRT & Other laws) or by restructuring I feel, first may be more true.
             I am dealing with PSU banks for the revival by infusing fresh equity but all PSU banks are not open to such possibility. To name few banks, Bank of India, Vijaya Bank & SBI etc. So can this report can look into.
      I seem TAT for PSU bank has come down from 42 days to 32 days. Is it a reason to cheer?
       It indicates two factors attitude of branch managers and low use of technology where both Pvt sector bank and NBFC are far ahead.
       Actually, I should congratulate SBI for staring stress resolution division, headed by DMD. why other banks cannot follow this model?
                         As per on balance sheet commercial lending portfolio and NPA trend MSME has shown partial recovery but all three MSME Pulse, I have raised the issue of job which may get lost because of NPA.
    Our estimate indicates that 1cr jobs are at stake. Why MSME pulse cannot work on that too?


N.P. Desai

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