News Letter

News Letter

Every MSME Entrepreneur starts with lots of passion but two or three years down, he loses steam. Have you thought about why it happens?
  • Do You Want Your Business to grow at a faster rate?
  • Do You Want Better profits?
  • Do You Want Better use of your capital?
  • Do You Want Better trust of your Bank?
    Every Entrepreneur is always working for top line and bottom line. Is it true?
Every Entrepreneur or most of them file their annual returns for income tax purpose as a statutory requirement.
But if they analyse their profit & Loss statement and balance sheet, they can get @ 52 data points which most of  Entrepreneurs are not aware and if they are aware also, they do not correct many steps which are required for correcting their overall strategy.
  We instead have to concentrate on increasing our operational efficiency so that capital formation happens thus reducing borrowing cost (if you have borrowed from an external source)
              Every bankers/Financer/Equity investor look for the cleaner balance sheet. what is the meaning of clean balance sheet?
                 Every  Entrepreneur having a turnover above 1cr shall be able to understand/face this.
            We found a free solution and if you give us your balance sheet and profit & loss statement for one to five years, we can do it.
                 Please note that we do not want your company’s name so when sending you can send without your companies name. We are only interested in the sector in which you are working.
Happy Gandhi Jayanti.


N.P. Desai

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