News Letter: Samadhan to resolve NPA

News Letter
Samadhan to resolve NPA
Todays, Business Line has given views o SBI chairman which is really alarming.60 more companies are likely to be referred to NCLT.
   But it seems all chairman of PSU banks are working on a statistical resolution of 50cr and above at Jet speed but if requires Human Touch. 
                       As per MSME Pulse, there is 78000cr in NPA/SMA0/SMA1/SMA2 accounts but our estimate indicates 1cr jobs are at stake.
No top-notch bank chairman and RBI wants to attack.
           I do not know, how many employees are there in large accounts but 78000 per job is involved if our estimate is right.
To create a new job in MSME may require Rs.50000 to 3lacs. so it makes sense to the revive these jobs by investing 15000 to 25000/- per job rather them making the fresh investment of 50000 to 300000 in creating a new job.


N.P. Desai

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