News Letter: Asset resolution group of SBI

News Letter


Asset resolution group of SBI

               The above move by SBI is laudable but they have to get talent from their existing pool of people, who are, at least at middle management level are in the age group of 35-50 years, indicating 15 to 20 years experience.

               But because of their negative attitude or in the name of saving depositors money, they do not allow or slow down process tremendously.

  Once DGM of the bank, when I said that SAM branch is “Smashan” he proudly said, we are not “Smashan” we are “Mortuary”.

               Even, with the above division, recently one AGM said that even keen of promoter will not be spared who are not at all connected as partners/director etc.

     The impact of this kind of utterance creates a negative impact on the moral of MSME entrepreneurs.

               Any other mechanism or resolution mechanism which can take care of bank interest and entrepreneurs capacity of generating or servicing can be attempted.


N.P. Desai

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