Do Bank of India Wants reduction in NPA for MSME.

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Do Bank of India Wants reduction in NPA for MSME

I know one case, of BOI Madhapur branch, Hyderabad, where we wanted to invest in equity to the revive and repay the loan over the span of time.

The branch has filed a case in DRT to recover money from credit guarantee fund.

When discussing with the branch manager, he wants to clear all outstanding of 32 lacs to make the unit as a standard asset.

When the unit is not performing on its own and when we bring in expertise and funds, without additional fund required from the bank in near future(one or two years) why the bank cannot take chance to help to revive?

Are they not interested to generate jobs and recover their dues as per RBI guidelines/directives?

Have Even courts become thick skinned? what is the meaning of Natural justice?

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