Future of MSME is In Right Hand

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Future of MSME is In Right Hand

Recently I met Sri Rammohan Mishra IAS, a very Dynamic and Energetic Development Commissioner  Ministry of MSME.

I was really surprised by his zeal and enthusiasm to do something for MSME.

I was advocating for the last 6 to 7 years for various initiatives like Social Entrepreneurship, and various other measures for the promotion of MSME.

Though my area is of the revival of sick MSME, he heard and understood possible impact without much involvement of both central & state govt.

As one report says that average life of MSME is only 8 years, my suggestion of SME Analytics which can potentially increase the life of MSME by 2 more years (thus retaining app 2cr jobs) with no cost to anybody (I will absorb the cost) was welcomed by him. Even this was liked by Sri Chandrashekhar Director MSME at Hyderabad.

Sir, I am looking to meet you at 18/8/18 in Hyderabad.

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