Egoistic or Arrogant media Houses?

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Egoistic or Arrogant media Houses?

Recently I wanted to meet Editors at Economics Times so I made a visit to Mumbai from Hyderabad went to the old lady of Boribundar as that is very famous Housing Times of India.

From reception to telephonic conversion I had in ET was full of arrogance and bureaucratic.

My request for the revival of sick MSME discussion, which is of national interest, was not at all heard.

My worry is that are the reporters, Editors even Smt. Indu Jain 3rd richest women in India are such insensitive or only looking for corporate stories.

Yes, their prime job is to earn more revenue but can they shy away from social and other responsibilities?

Many emails, you can say 100% are not replied. So where do we go?

Can Times of India/Economic Times, who promote many TV shows for MSME, change their attitude?

If the media is not there with MSME how policymakers and politicians will know our problems?


N.P. Desai

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