Is PSB want to reduce NPA in MSME?

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Is PSB want to reduce NPA in MSME?

               Recently one case of Bank of India Madhapur branch Hyderabad has come to my notice.

The unit enjoys less than 1cr credit facility and covered under the credit guarantee scheme. They were depending on orders from public sector defence unit. Because of some problems the defence unit got deployed order from govt of India.

Now, for the above unit has been declared NPA and Bank of India want to start recovery.

But we are ready to bring in fresh funds for operations and give managerial support so that viability increases and repayment can be worked out as per RBI.

Now, Bank wants to give holding on operations. Is it fair? How will new investor invest money in an uncertain environment?

This is raising the basic question is public sector bank really wants to reduce NPA in MSME?


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