Bank of India is Listening?

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Bank of India is Listening?

      One case of Madhapur branch (Hyderabad) has not become NPA and the party has given request letter 6 months back, for referring it to corrective action plan but the branch has rejected as the credit limit of the unit is below one cr. So it falls in branch manager power.

Now it raises two questions

  1. As per RBI circular of March 2016, cases in SMA0, SMA1, and SMA2 has to be referred to corrective action plan committee. But what if, BM does not do it? Can RBI or court can intervene?
  2. If we go to their higher-ups, They refuse to intervene saying that it falls in BM power so pursue him. But recently old branch manager retired and new BM has come. So he also refuses.

The party has given fresh request about a month back for referring to a corrective action plan committee.


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