Who wants to Reduce NPA in MSME?

Who wants to Reduce NPA in MSME?



One of the major reason for NPA in MSME is the communication between the Entrepreneur stakeholders holders mainly banks.

NPA does not happen in one day and over years, for not having proper communication between both and many verbal and written communications for many days or many months.

Can all concern stake holders correct as business etiquette.

A lot of RBI circulars wants bank to take certain actions in specified time but if the actions are not taken there are no penal actions. I do not know, whether Judiciary can interface?

I know one case, where Vijaya Bank, Somajiguda, has to take action within 15 days as per RBI circulars has not taken actions for 18 months. Even SLIIC has conveyed that Vijaya Bank will restructure.

In Yesterdays News Letter also I have mentioned about Bank of India, Madhapur Branch.

Even, RBI which specifies timelines in their own circulars, they do not reply, even acknowledge receipt of communications.

RBI takes 3 to 5 months, for simple response. When asked, they say, they did not got any response or are waiting for response from the concerned bank.

So, if creates doubts whether anybody, central Govt, state Govt, RBI all schedule banks are interested to resolve NPA issue of MSME?





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