Dedicated Funds for MSME for Telangana

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Dedicated Funds for MSME for Telangana


I have read press note in Times of India 30/6/2018 in Hyderabad addition.

Again Telangana state is taking lead for creating dedicated funds for MSME will be pioneering efforts.

I think, as per paper, 70000 MSME units are in the state but if we go by the latest figure of National Level, 5 crore MSME are there. So taking the clue from this there shall be a much higher figure. Can government checkup?


The second point, It indicates that this government is trying to increase employment by various methods.

But during 2011-2014 there was severe power cut and because of that units have worked at 20 to 30% capacity and the fixed cost has changed all viability equations of thousands of units which may render lakhs of workers jobless.


Can government think to do something as a one time measure?


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