The Attitude of Bank Officials is not to resolve NPA in MSME

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The Attitude of Bank Officials is not to resolve NPA in MSME

          In connection with my newsletter for one year or so, also after IBC in force and recent ordinance of the government of India, amending IBC, the message is not going down.

Yesterday we had a meeting for one MSME units, which was promised by them to be resolved in SLIIC meeting about 15 to 20 months back, the unit is put on E-auction.

The unit has gone to high court to protect his interest, in want of justice.

Vijaya Bank officials have protected saying that they cannot take any action as it is subjudice.

My understanding of any dispute, both party tries to find out solutions through various channels, including using a common friend or arbitrator or any such mechanism.

But the attitude of Vijaya bank, after the recent ordinance, also is not of reconciliation.

So, Honorable Finance minister, Sri. Arun Jetly, Sri Piyush Goyal, Sri Urjit Patel governor of Reserve Bank of India, Sri Giriraj Singh, Honorable Minister for MSME, Sri panda, Honorable Secretary of  MSME, Commissioner of Industries, Telangana, or any other officers who can help to resolve, including chairman, Vijaya Bank, Sri Nagaraju, DGM(R&R) Vijaya bank can help to resolve.

It does not make any commercial sense for prolonging the issue which affects, Unemployment and government taxes and possible decay in asset value.


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