Process-Based Management is a management approach that views a business as a collection of processes, managed to achieve a desired result. The processes are managed and improved by organisation in purpose of achieving their vision, mission and core value. A clear correlation between processes and the vision supports the company to plan strategies, build a business structure and use sufficient resources that are required to achieve success in the long run.

There are 3 stages in process based management

  • Documenting   the process
  • Analysing the process
  • Implementing


  • Documenting a process helps to get   clear guideline how organisation improves their processes and performances.
  • It measures the set of activities in business.  It focuses on customer satisfaction, quality of product, revenues, profits, costs, and budget.
  •  It reduces costs, time and resources.
  • Analysing the processes helps to predict problems and helps in taking right decisions.
  • The system protects intellectual capital of the organisation. Monitoring the development of processes, the organisation can analyse risks and its weakness.
  • Focusing on continuous improvement and customer’s requirements, the organisation improves customer services which deliver value to its customers.
  • Process based management is an integration of both input and output in business process. It controls personnel, technical and financial resources.
  • The organisation can improve IT system that reduces unnecessary complexity and improves the quality of performance.
  • Analysing processes and implementing new objects if required, the organisation deal with fast changes in demand.

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