Networking in MSME

                                              Networking in MSME

 “If you want to go far go alone if you want to go far go together” – African proverb

“Networking is not about collecting contacts it’s about building relations”-Misha

Networking is the process of exchanging information or Ideas among individuals or groups to develop professional and social contacts. For a long-term survival of any organisation, networking is the most critical aspect. The benefits of the Networking are not limited to a single person they are applicable to everyone in the network, However, in the end, an organisation can be more benefitted than other, within the network.

MSME sector can be highly benefitted by networking the following are the benefits of networking in MSME sector:

In-depth understanding of market

Awareness of new trends and practices

Speedy resolution of dilemmas or problems

An entrepreneur who is having proper networking will have several sources in similar or different fields of which he/she can gather the required insights from the available networks. In case of similar background, the entrepreneur can be benefitted by finding new ways of solving problems identifying new trends in their market and by sharing responsibilities in case of surplus or scarce demands. The resolution of problems like a breakdown of machinery, clarification in accounting etc., can be accelerated with the help of networking.

To get few tips for networking please go to the following website:



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