Learning from Dadima (Grand Mother)


Learning from Dadima (Grand Mother)

Every entrepreneur can learn many things from Dadima’s calendar action.

  1. Dadima wakes up early and cleans the house.
  2. Once in a year, she cleans moving all items and find lost items, rearrange all utility according to the family members needs.

Can we draw any parallels?

  1. Are we monitor daily cleaning in our factory.
  2. Are we clean at least once in a year take stocks, identify any maintenance in M/C, can we scrap unwanted items, can we spare a day or two for our own enterprise?

I expect, if seriously done, can save 0.5% t 1% in cost (directly or indirectly).

  1. Can we look once in a year to our worker’s skills and redivide roles & responsibilities?

Honourable prime minister Shri P.M. Modi, has started Swatch Internship programme can we learn from that?


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Chief Consultant

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