Welcome Telangana Industrial Health Clinic



Welcome Telangana Industrial Health Clinic

I congratulate Govt of Telangana’s Move to trickle sickness in MSME head-on.

It strengthens the belief that a volunteer arbitration & influential bridge is required between all stakeholders and an entrepreneur in need of the hour which TIHC is feeling.

Also, sickness in MSME is not only because of entrepreneur alone. Somewhere all stakeholders are responsible to a certain extent and if they change their attitude, the growth of sickness can be reduced.

Again a lot of things can be done by entrepreneurs themselves also. If they can connect CMA data on a month to month basis, with actual performance, more dynamic decisions can be taken. This requires a lot of efforts to train entrepreneurs on financial literacy. This shall be ongoing and compulsory at a certain stage.

I will call on all behavioural scientist to interpret the behavioural changes which are reflected in balance sheet analysis and make entrepreneur correct. This awareness also will set the stage for creating healthy MSME sector.

Once again, my heartiest congratulations to TIHC.


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