MSME pulse – 2nd Port

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MSME pulse – 2nd Port

The above report by Tran civil and SIDBI is very comprehensive from a financial angle.

My point is that no report has in last 30 years have looked into an aspect of “Stich in time, Save nine”.

At branch level, gross viability is happening of not taking timely action and all sort of delaying techniques are followed by branch, which is generally supposed to take action. As the matter goes up, it becomes statistically charged event and invariably human touch gets diluted.

Also, a lot of corrections are required at auditors and as they advise or forced to go along with entrepreneur, for hiding the facts in the balance sheet.

So there is a strong need to have a study for NPA and bankers delay which may get new insights for policymakers.



N.P. Desai




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