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Congratulations to Transunion CIBIL & SIDBI to come out with comprehensive and update data on MSME.

As Growth Idea Lab is working towards the revival of sick MSME Units for last 30 months, the report confirms our effort.

One suggestion, as present govt is blamed for jobless growth in GPP, through Make In India, Start-Up India, Stand Up India are efforts in right direction. This report could have been linked to job loss in MSME sector. We except that 1cr job is under threat or maybe more.

We are developing sustainable revival solution and we have signed MOU with Nalsar University of Law, Hyderabad and Telanaga Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

We feel that by an additional investment of 15000rs/job (on average) in the unit of 1ce to 10cr loan segment, it is possible to revive one unit. But it requires ground level attitude change at Bankers end. Many directions/guidelines by both RBI /Central Govt are not implemented in right spirit.

The above model will require continuous monitoring and mentoring support and with the positive approach by all stakeholder like entrepreneur, banker, state and central govt and utilities, we are ready to take the challenge for case studies.

Happy Ugadi / Gudipadva &Navrati


N.P. Desai




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