Nirav Modi is on Top of Discussion


Nirav Modi is on Top of Discussion

The last two days, Nirav Modi and Punjab National Bank are on top of everybody.

But, frauds/delay happening for 5cr MSME has not been talking.

Today, for one of my client, I approached AGM, IDBI, Hyderabad for bill discounting facility the reply we got is, it is March ending and we have to check up about a customer of this unit.

Whether this conversation will come, under internal Audit, Concurrent Audit and RBI Audit report?

As per RBI, they should have given loan application form but first, they want to check for product applicability.

This kind of treatment is also given to SMA0, SMA1 and SMA2 A/C.

Can govt of India, MSME Ministry and RBI look into?

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