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Increasing NPA is worrying all Stake Holders at various levels. But Sickness in MSME has large unemployment which is Cancer to our social environment.

At this movement, both states of Telangana and Andhra are seriously trying to put policy for incipient sickness in place.

But before that many of my industry friends may not be aware that at both commissioner of Andhra and Telangana has got mechanism of SLIIC(State Level Inter Institutional Committee)which tries to resolve the problem between unit holder and in many case banks, so that some solution can be found.This is known as SLIIC subcommittee.

Once in 3 months, at RBI, these units are discussed and action followed are reviewed.

This is a very useful mechanism to resolve certain issues.

As both commissioners of industry are proactive and hands-on, please avail the opportunity.

M/s.Growth Idea Lab and association of incipient Sick SME Telangana also can guide you.

So feel free and discuss your dilemmas so that early action can be taken.


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